20th Century Women

Checked out 20th Century Women, a new coming-of-age film set in 1979 starring Annette Benning as a single mother trying to raise her teenage son. She enlists the aid of the kid’s best friend, an older sexually active girl played by Elle Fanning and a female artist / cancer survivor played by Greta Gerwig. She wants these two ladies to help raise him since she is losing her close mom status.
This is a fine little movie that kind of meanders and doesn’t have an ultimate point beyond being a slice-of-life. Each woman has some low-level dramatic moments and interactions with each other and the boy. The boy really wants to sleep with Elle Fanning’s character but she thinks they are too good of friends for that.
Not a lot happens but it’s overall a harmless and reasonably entertaining film. I’ve seen much better slice-of-life / coming-of-age films but this does no harm. It’s probably not going to be at the theaters much longer so maybe catch up on HBO on some lazy Sunday.
Score: 81

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