Bad Santa 2

Saw Bad Santa 2 and it’s a pretty mediocre sequel to a movie you either thought was hilarious or unconscionably crude and disgusting. And people who liked it could think it was all of these things. It was certainly a go-for-broke gross-out, zero PC raunchy comedy that broke the rules… but it’s now thirteen years later and other movies have broken those rules too.
Bad Santa 2 doesn’t really need to exist but it does and it tries to be as gross and crude as the original but it doesn’t have the same talent behind-the-scenes so I guess that’s why it just doesn’t work. It has the same cast back (minus Lauren Graham) and adds Kathy Bates so the on-screen talent is good but they were let down by a boring, repetitive script that only seems to have the basic understanding of what made the first movie work.
So, yeah, I did laugh here and there over ninety minutes so it’s not a total disaster but I wanted to not be in the theater for much much longer than I wanted to be there. Skip this… but if you do see it, there’s a chance you might like it. Humor is massively subjective so maybe you’ll laugh more? Who knows.
Score: 64

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