AND I saw Birdemic (Shock and Terror) – a movie so bad that you are automatically a better film-maker than the guy who made this movie (and a better actor if you can convincingly walk down a street without looking like a bad actor). This movie is worth seeing because it’s just gobsmacking that it exists – a truly “so bad it’s good” that makes Tommy Wiseau’s The Room competent in comparison (and that movie had at least two sex scenes with lumpy man-butt).

Marvel at the animated GIFs that are the attacking birds, listen closely to terrible sound mixes, blink and be confused at bad editing decisions, rot your brain on unending music droning on and on… it’s got it all!

NOTE: Low score is for the quality of the movie… a meta conversation about the movie would make it score higher (so bad it’s good… but still pretty bad).

Score: 38

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