Bridget Jones’s Baby

Checked out the third Bridget Jones movie Bridget Jones’s Baby (or Bridget Jones’ Baby as civilized people would punctuate it). It was ok, I guess. It was fine, I suppose. It’s a movie that happened, kind of bored me but it was charming enough at times, I guess, that maybe I kind of didn’t hate it.
Call it damned with low expectations and response. It’s a whatever sequel that’s at least better than the second movie (Edge of Reason which I loathed) but not very charming and very funny like the first.
Anyhow, Bridget is 43 and still a singleton when she has a one-night stand with Patrick Dempsey at a music festival and then later hooks up with Mr. Darcy (Colin Firth) when they run into each other and she finds out he’s getting divorced. She gets knocked up and doesn’t know who the father is – both men are super supportive and want to be the dad so she has to decide between the successful lawyer (Firth) and then internet billionaire American (Dempsey). Whatever will she do?
Note neither is Hugh Grant who I guess decided to sit this one out so they killed his character off-screen. So moral of the story is, don’t mess with the producers of Bridget Jones movies or they will end your character. More-or-less.
Look, maybe I’m not the target market for this movie… even if I liked the first one. Or maybe it is as bland and meh as I thought it was. The ladies in the audience weren’t super into it either, at least based on their limited laughter. See it… or not. You know, like, whatever man. .
Score: 69

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