Cabin in the Woods

Saw Cabin in the Woods tonight – the movie about the college students who go off into the woods for a good time weekend to a mysterious CABIN IN THE WOODS (only to run into trouble)… and if you’ve seen the commercials or trailers, you know there’s much more going on that the generic setup. This movie out-Screams Scream when it comes to breaking down all horror movie cliches into something that’s equal parts cool and interesting and, in the last act, epic.

If you’ve seen any horror film in the past 30-40 years, this movie is for you. It both loves good horror movies and adores smashing all the stupid, generic conventions of the genre.

This is the best movie I’ve seen this year. And don’t worry, the trailers and commercials haven’t spoiled anything. The movie reveals its first massive twist in the first scene… it’s what comes next and at the end that’s great.

But don’t worry about it being too scary – it has some scares but mainly it’s smart and funny… wickedly funny. Also kind of gory and violent but that’s used to punctuate it’s themes, not just for the sake of gore.

Score: 90

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