Daddy’s Home 2

Checked out Daddy’s Home 2, the sequel to the Will Ferrell / Mark Whalberg comedy about step-dads. This one adds in grandfathers played by gruff Mel Gibson and doofy John Lithgow. And it’s weirdly almost the same movie and same angle as Bad Mom’s Christmas… which also brought in grandparents. Unlike Bad Mom’s sequel, I actually liked Daddy’s Home 2.
Which is weird since the movie is getting utterly savaged by reviewers. So it’s possible I was in a good mood seeing this one and a bad mood for Bad Mom’s… Maybe. All I know for sure is that I laughed an adequate amount of time in Daddy’s Home 2 and I consider it better than the original though a few rungs below the original Bad Moms.
What can say for “plot”… well, I guess it has one but really it’s just an excuse for gags. The co-dads decide to have a single Christmas and the grandfathers come into town. Mel Gibson’s dad is a “man’s man” type and Lithgow’s is all about the progressive parenting. Which was basically the first movie. So it’s not very original but at least I laughed.
Will you laugh? i don’t know. Comedy, especially this type of low-effort, no plot, anything for a chuckle type comedies are bigtime subjective. But I laughed. And I found the cheesy Christmas song ending actually worked on me. I have no excuse.
Score: 81

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