The new Entourage movie is a continuation of the HBO show that you’ve either never seen, hated, liked, or loved… which also indicates whether you’ll enjoy this movie. If you hated (or had never seen) the show, this movie is SO not going to change your mind. It’s every bit as loathsome as you remember… if you found the show loathsome.

I liked the show… I was always amused and a little into the stories and characters for the 30 minutes it was on. This is a 2 hour movie that feels like you are marathoning the show on Netflix (or HBO Go) and you are 2 episodes in and kind of want to go do something else. But you can’t because, for some reason, this movie exists instead of a short new season on HBO.

It’s not bad but it’s certainly vaguely aimless and shaggy as it tells basically a short episodic season of tv. It gives the five leads (including Piven) their own stories in the midst of the over-arching season storyline (which is that Vinnie has a new movie that he insisted on directing but they need a few more million dollars to finish it). Some of these stories are better than others… I rather liked the Ronda Rousey subplot though it kind of vanished without a conclusion… and I always liked E’s relationship with his on-again/off-again girlfriend so we get more of that.

Johnny Drama has his ridiculous moments, Vinnie is Vinnie, and Ari is wound-up Ari… nothing really new happens and nothing about this movie really needed to be a movie. I suppose they have one scene on a large yacht that probably cost movie dollars to film maybe.

So, in the end, I thought it was fine but a wasted opportunity to tel a bigger story… instead we’re just dealing with four or five episodes of the tv show. Whether you’ll like it or find it full of loathsome human garbage is kind of up you and your feelings of the show.

Score: 80

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