Final Girl

Final Girl is an odd horror/suspense film that has the DNA of similar films in it but doesn’t seem to know how to be that film. Basic premise is that a girl is recruited and trained all her life to be an assassin… specifically to kill a bunch of guys who find it fun to kidnap teenage girls, take them out into the woods, and hunt them for sport.

This movie barely has a pretense of being a full fledged narrative story. It kind of bounces between moments (training moments, how awful the guys are, training moments, etc.) and then spends a long time in the moods with what’s supposed to be a cat and mouse game (or mouse and cat game, I suppose). The girl (played by Abigaile Breslin) allows herself to be setup and is taken into the woods where she turns the table on the guys and kills them one at a time. There’s not much there there but it takes far too long to tell the story… this might have been a perfectly good and mean little 30 minute film but they pad it too much.

Score: 64

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