For the Love of Spock

Rented the documentary For the Love of Spock, which is kind of embarrassing to say. But it’s a pretty good documentary about the life and career of Leonard Nimoy as directed and narrated by his son. It has some good current and old interviews, including some cool old original footage from the late 60s when Star Trek and Spock were a new thing. Most of the cast is interviewed or archival interviews are used, including interviews with Nimoy himself made during the filming of this very documentary. Apparently it was going to be just a documentary about the character Spock before Nimoy died so he changed focus.
So if you are a bit of a Trek (or Leonard Nimoy) fan, this is a non-boring 2 hr documentary about the man. I’m not sure it would provide anything interesting for anyone who isn’t already a green-blooded fan who can name all the traits of a Vulcan though. But, still, good and very personal documentary.
Score: 81

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