Gallows, The

The Gallows is a terrible found footage (sigh – again?) movie made for a buck. It’s about a high school putting on a play called The Gallows which, when staged 20 years earlier, had a tragedy (one of the actors was hanged to death by the prop noose). Today, one of the jocks on the football team has quit the team and is trying and failing to be an actor. When his annoying, drama kid hating former team mate convinces him to sneak into the school and wreck the set to get out of the play, they are locked in and a pissed off (or possibly bored) ghost has its revenge.

Like I said, this is a terrible, generic, and stupid horror flick lacking any scares, a bunch of shots of people’s feet (really? did we need 5 shots of just the floor?), and an occasional, “what’s that?” as the camera shakily points at something out of focus. I wasn’t even sure what it was in the shaky shot I was supposed to be worried about.

It doesn’t save the movie, but the ending is admitted actually pretty good. You have to sit through 80 minutes of inept found footage “scares”, stupid characters, and annoying arguing to get there though. Avoid. A lot.

Score: 57

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