Hercules (2014)

Saw the new Dwayne Johnson starring Hercules movie (second Hercules movie of the year!). The Rock was miscast and didn’t bring an ounce of personality to the movie which is surprising since he has personality to spare, usually. This is a Hercules movie that has a trailer full of lies and is about Hercules, con-man and bullshit artist. This is a Hercules only tangentially interested in the actual myth… though it uses the myth as part of the lies and legends the characters tell. My over-arching feeling while watching this flick was why it actually exists… which is no way to watch a flick. All that negative said, it was actually a fairly watchable movie. It wasn’t incompetent from a visual and action standpoint…. not great but competent. The story was mediocre and the dialog was often average to poor.

It was better than the non-classic, horribly acted Hercules movie from earlier this year starring Kellan “No One Knows Who I Am” Lutz. Both movies are equally uninterested in telling the myth of Hercules. Which is a little annoying, as though the film makers are embarrassed to make a straight-up Herc story.

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