Hitman: Agent 47

Checked out Hitman: Agent 47 – a movie that is either the sequel to the earlier Hitman movie or an attempt to reboot the franchise (both films are based on the video game series of the same name). They’ve recast the lead from Timothy Olyphant (wrong for the role) with some guy (also wrong from the role… and I’m not even sure who is right for the role of a stoic bald emotionless genetically engineered hitman with a bald head, a tattoo, and a natty suit with red tie).

This movie has a plot and it tries to dump it to you super fast with some clumsy, “we don’t care and you don’t care” narration (involving two different characters with Russian names and no faces to associate with them). The film seems to be needlessly convoluted for a movie that’s ultimately pretty light on plot.

That said, some the action scenes are decent… a little mid-budget CGI-heavy but the film’s sense of style elevates them slightly. I couldn’t get into them from a story perspective but at least sometimes they were pretty kinetic.

But ultimately, I was hoping this would be decent or at least enjoyably bad. It’s not. It’s just a mediocre dump of a film that isn’t worth getting particularly annoyed by. It’ll come, it’ll go.

Score: 60

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