Host, The (2013)

Went to see The Host… the new romantic invasion of the body snatchers-type movie… a movie about aliens who take over a human bodies and the one alien who has to contend with the stubborn personality of her host that won’t die… and the weird romantic triangle (square?) between the original human personality, her human boyfriend, the alien who controls her body, and her new human boyfriend. Or something. It’s an body snatcher movie told from the POV of the body snatchers and I don’t think that’s every been done.

Anyhow, Stephanie Meijer (Twilight) wrote the book and it was a pretty interesting read. The most innovative (and admittedly abstract) things were left out of the movie though. Too bad. Anyhow, it’s a decent enough movie… well made and well acted (Saroisa Ronan – the Irish girl with the killer name stars – she was the lead in the teen-assassin movie Hannah).

Score: 80

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