Insidious: The Last Key

Checked out the fourth film in the Insidious horror franchise Insidious: The Last Key. This is the sequel to the prequel (that came out last year) starring the psychic investigation team introduced in the first two flicks. It’s getting a little complicated, especially in that the lead older psychic lady had the bad habit of dying in the second film so these last two movies are set in the past. Timey-wimey.
Anyhow, this new film follows a new investigation of a ghost that had previously haunted the main character when she was a little girl. An evil key-based haunt… or something. I dunno… fingers for keys? Makes sense to me!
The film is fine… I think it’s the least of the four movies, though the previous three were better than they probably should have been. I wasn’t spooked much and they did rely on jump scares… but also a decent amount of creepy imagery and at least one plot twist that re-contextualized the story in a neat way.
Overall, it’s a neat story and credit to them to hang a horror franchise on an older woman as the main character (with her two comedy sidekick younger guys). I imagine they’ll make another one after this given that it’s doing pretty well (hopefully they’ll just find a way to resurrect the character so we can get out of 2010 stories). I wouldn’t mind seeing what they do next… the movie was good enough.
Score: 75

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