Leprechaun: Origins

Leprechaun Origins (yes, Leprechaun Origins) is a very terrible reboot (or something) to the deliberately terrible (?) Leprechaun “franchise”… only without the knowing silliness those movies brought to the table (out of necessity… it was about a killer lephrechaun).

Instead, it’s a deeply generic monster movie with a creature that looks like Pumpkinhead with blurry soft-focus so egregious it made me wonder how bad the makeup job actually was that they didn’t want to show it. Apparently the creature is played by a little person wrestler (Hornswoggle?) and is produced by WWE… but the depiction of the creature was so bad, I didn’t even realize it was supposed to be short.

This is a genuinely terrible movie about a bunch of American backpackers in Ireland who don’t even do anything to piss off the titular leprechaun (they don’t steal his gold, for example). So boring. So generic. It’s available on iTunes streaming…

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