Minions is one wall-to-wall level of absurdity set to 11… it’s a totally smile-your-way-through-it movie and I did. I had a lot of fun with this movie. It’s the Minions from Despicable Me in their own movie and I’m ok with that. They risked a lot putting the B team that everyone who saw those two movies loved into a full length film but it worked.

I laughed out loud a few times but mainly smiled and grinned continuously throughout (except for maybe a little near the end where they had to get around to finding their plot and action scene but that was thankfully short). 95% of this movie is just an excuse for really silly humor and non-sequiturs – there’s a plot but it’s incidental to the silliness. It’s mostly set in the 1960s London and it may not be exactly historically accurate and the Brits may feel a little made fun of (or a lot made fun of). I’ve seen some reviewers say this comedy is only for kids but I doubt they’d get a lot of the silly gags at British culture. But whatever… I think its good for little children and big children alike.

I will say this much… if you saw the original trailer that narrates the fact that the minions of existed since the dawn of time to serve the most villanous bad guy, then you’ve sadly seen a huge piece of the opening 10-15 minutes of the movie. Bad trailers! BAD! But I did enjoy the opening credits that show that the minions literally evolved to follow the biggest fish. Also, there’s an obvious cut away frollowing Napoleon as their despicable bad guy where they spend the next 100 years or so in a cave before leaving in the 1960s. This thankfully allows them to skip that uncomfortable moment where you realize they might have been Hitler’s minions otherwise.

Anyhow, if you at all like the Despicable Me movies and if you post random Minions-based posts on Facebook, you should go see this movie. If you are averse because it looks like a cash grab, don’t be. It works well as stand-alone goofy fun.

Score: 86

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