Olympus Has Fallen

So someone went and made a Die Hard film but didn’t cast Bruce Willis and it was pretty great… Olympus Has Fallen is basically a new Die Hard film that puts to shame the actual Die Hard movie that came out this year. This is the one about an attack on the White House and the one secret service agent inside who has to fight off the terrorists. It’s a really cool, fairly exciting action movie – I was really REALLY surprised at how much I enjoyed it. The opening attack on the White House looks amazing and is quite thrilling and a little unsettling (damn it, they shot up the flag and then took it down! Those bastards!). Some of the stuff at the end gets a little flabby and implausible but I give it a pass. It’s a very R rated violent action movie – lots of stabbing and splatter… unlike the last Die Hard movie which was basically PG13 with a couple swear words thrown in to get an R.

Score: 87

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