The Hasbro-produced horror movie Ouija is somehow both an advertisement for and against the game you can buy at Target. Hasbro produced the Transformers, TMNT, and Battleship and you could, in theory, want to buy those toys after because those movies all theoretically promoted their toys as good or cool things. This movie? Yeah, it’s a warning not to use a ouija boards and suggest you never do so and burn them if you can because ghosts.

Anyhow, this movie is utterly forgettable. It’s not bad enough to be fun and not good enough to remember. Dumb kids use oujia board to contact dead friend, summons evil. Has obvious fake-out ending, goes on too long.

As an aside, the actual toy has 1 star rating on Toys R Us with this user comment, “I was trying to contact my grandmother. Did not work. Think my apartment is now haunted. Do not recommend.” which is more amusing than anything that happens in this movie.

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