Pitch Perfect 3

Checked out Pitch Perfect 3, the alleged final movie in the series. Is it? I dunno. Should it be? Maybe. Depends on if they can work up the energy and interest in a fourth film… since I’m not sure they had it in this one. I enjoyed the first Pitch Perfect and don’t remember the second though I have a vague feeling of thinking it was fine.
This film picks up with all the characters out of college and struggling in the real world (covered in a poorly edited montage of clips that were clearly longer scenes at one point). They get the idea to have an acapella reunion for the troops so they head off to Europe with a couple of musical groups that actually use instruments (*gasp*). The tour is hosted by DJ Khaled in a weird cameo that also represents the competition in the movie (Khaled will sign the best group).
Oh, and there’s a crime story, kidnapping, and Fat Amy turns into a ninja because the movie barely cares about the actual plot. It gets distracted half-way through and decides to turn it into an aca-action film.The movie barely cares about its concert story but I’ll at least give them credit for not doing the same movie again. I guess.
The music – both acapella and with instruments – is pretty good. The usual riff-off is fun and includes different singing and musical styles. So, on a certain level, the movie is good natured fun in these spurts. And maybe that’s all this particular movie needs? It needs more but at least the leads are enjoyable to watch.
So, yeah, its not a bad movie and if you like this series, the music, and these actors, you should probably see this flick. It’s kind of lazy and uninterested in its own story so its hard to get particularly excited about it. But as pure acapella / riff-off fluff, it has some merit.
Score: 71

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