Pixels is the new sci-fi/action/comedy about 1980s era video games attacking Earth… and only Adam Sandler, Josh Gad, Kevin James, Peter Dinklage, and Michelle Monahan can save the day (since some of them were 1980s-era video game champs).

This movie had a terrible trailer and makes for a pretty terrible movie too. When video game critters aren’t attacking, it’s shockingly boring and joke after joke lands flat. When video game characters are attacking, it’s a mixed bag. Honestly, some of it is alright but even more of it is just as dull. The action is ok, but the continued attempts at humor fail.

The movie seems aimed at kids but the whole 1980s references (which go beyond just video games) are aimed at older folk. So half the jokes will be lost on half the audience no matter how old they are. That said, I did smile at the way the aliens communicated… via the 1980s era versions of Reagan, Madonna, Hall & Oats, and Max Headroom. But, again, that’s a pretty targeted joke.

So, yeah, it’s about as good as you thought it would be from the terrible trailers. And if every bit of this movie’s plot sounds dumb to you in the first place, then there’s nothing you will find interesting. Skip it.

Score: 60

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