Rickie and the Flash

Checked out the new Meryl Streep comedy/drama Ricki and the Flash this weekend and it’s alright. Streep plays an aging rocker in a second rate cover band who rushes home to help her daughter when she is dumped by her husband. Streep (Ricki) walked out on her family years ago to live her rock star dreams and doesn’t really know how to parent correctly… but she’s Mom and that’s more important.

The movie is ok. It gets draggy at parts and often doesn’t seem to know what it wants to do or be but I’ve seen worse movies. I can say that it’s not as predictable as I’d have thought though that does lends itself to a kind of meandering, directionless feel.

Mamie Gummer plays Streep’s daughter and she’s her real life daughter as well (the resemblance is uncanny). Rick Springfield (yes, that Rick Springfield) plays her guitarist / boyfriend and Kevin Cline (who I haven’t seen in awhile and is missed) plays her ex-husband. It’s a good cast.

Overall, you can skip this one or see it as you see fit. It might depend on your Streep-interest-level or whether your’re particularly bored that day.

Score: 75

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