Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For is the sequel to Sin City from (oh lord… it’s been that long?) 9 years ago. It’s a film noire meets comic book in dialog, action, and appearance… dialog is hard boiled cliches, over the top tough-guy speak, that the actors sometimes pull off and other times don’t. It contains multiple interlocking stories about crime, criminals, anti-heroes, low-lifes, and killer hookers. One of the stories was a direct sequel to the events of the previous movie. Some of the stories are good and some are not so good and the problem is the best story (that the film is named for) ends well before the rest of the movie… which wasn’t nearly as interesting.

Film stars a lot of people… Mickey Roarke is back, Bruce Willis is back in an extended cameo, Jessica Alba is back, Rosario Dawson and Devin Aoiki’s killer hookers are back, Powers Boothe’s evil senator is back, and now we add Eva Green (and her boobs – good grief, she’s naked a LOT in this movie), Josh Brolin he’s kinda naked a bit too), Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Dennis Haysburt, Jeremy Piven, and some cameos by Lady Gaga, Christopher Lloyd, Ray Liotta, and some others. Interesting cast full of people mumbling marble-mouthed hard-boiled gobbldygook.

It’s watchable if you liked the original film… but that film was better (and still an acquired taste) and this one has some solid moments but some other more plodding ones.

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