Spy (2015)

Spy is Melissa McCarthey’s new comedy where she plays an office worker turned 007-style super spy. And it’s a consistently, and occasionally gut-bustingly, funny flick. My favorite part of this R rated comedy is that it gets its humor from being a great comedy and spy satire and doesn’t remotely trade on McCarthey fat jokes or jokes about her incompetence.

Because, surprise, her Spy character is very competent at her job, just a little green and surrounded by some crazy people and crazier situations. In fact, there’s some surprisingly solid and cool action scenes starring McCarthey which is probably something I never thought I’d ever say.

And, hey, finally Melissa McCarthey and Jason Statham are together for the first time! Statham is surprisingly hilarious as a over-compensating super spy… and Jude Law makes for a funny spin on the suave 007-type. Rose Byrne as the main villain is particularly hilarious and she works very well against McCarthey.

So I seriously recommend you check out this film. If you have a growing disinterest in McCarthey, chuck that out the window. She’s doing her best work since Bridesmaids and will make you forget Identity Thief and Tammy.

Score: 88

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