Ted 2

Ted 2 is the sequel to Seth McFarland’s raunchy talking teddy bear movie from 2012. Ted was a solidly funny comedy that got a little flabby at the end. Ted 2 is sporadically funny movie that’s flabby, overlong, and overstuffed with unnecessary plot for its entire run time.

So, yeah, I laughed hard at this movie sometimes. It’s genuinely funny in small bursts (and, yes, also full of gross-out comedy with McFarland’s usual race and gender-based comedy that’s never, I guess, meant seriously but could offend). The problem is that it’s too long for it’s own good and has too much plot in between not enough really solid jokes. I wound up bored and uncomfortable sitting through it… if this movie had an editor to take out 30 minutes or so of flab, it’d have been a solid recommendation.

Score: 66

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