The new Amy Schumer written and starring movie Trainwreck (directed by Judd Apatow) is a raunchy but funny but overly long romantic comedy. Schumer trades off her comic and tv persona here to tell a story of a rather mean and stupid person who lives her life the way she wants… and is threatened to actually find a good guy who doesn’t run. So it’s about a trainwreck of a character who isn’t a trainwreck because she parties and sleeps around but because she fears commitment. And maybe that’s why she’s a mean, kind of stupid person. I dunno… it’s a little confused as to what it’s trying to say.

But maybe it’s not trying to say anything… maybe it’s just a silly (and raunchy) romantic comedy. She stars against SNL’s Bill Hader as the main couple. He’s a sports doctor and there’s a bunch of sports cameos and sports and sports-doctor related comedy that might be stuck in there to give the guys something to laugh at (well, guys and gals into sports anyway). There’s a number of other cameos that are sometimes funny, sometimes inexplicable (Mathew Broderick?), and sometimes just giving current SNL actors something to do for a day or two.

I found the movie fairly funny, then it gets a little old when it falls into some remarkably stereotypical romantic comedy tropes, and then it ends with a lovely and funny sequence that kind of redeems the slow parts.

Part of the problem with the movie is that Judd Apatow never directed a scene he wants to edit out of his movies. Same is true here as with his other movies.

Eh…. if you don’t mind some very raunchy humor and very awkward (intentionally) and somewhat explicit sex scenes (starring John Cena… a lot of John Cena) AND you like Amy Schumer and/or romantic comedies, then this is a fine flick.

Score: 80

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