White House Down

Late showing of White House Down, the 2nd white-house-under-attack movie of the year that’s somehow even more like Die Hard than Olympus Has Fallen which was already a lot like Die Hard. White House Down is the lesser film though certainly with a higher production value and bigger stars (Channing Tatum, Jamie Foxx, Maggie Gylenhaal, James Woods… and adorable Joey King from that Ramona and Beezus movie)… it’s overall a very competent if slightly silly (sillier?) action film that hits all the beats and manages to overcome a weak first act and gets mildly exciting by the end. Manages to make the secret services and much of everything in the US somehow even more incompetent than Olympus Has Fallen – and it kind of gets cheap and easy with the baddies (hey looks – James Woods – I wonder if he’s a bad guy?!). If you’re into action flicks, it’s empty calories but kinda worth seeing.

Score: 76

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