Won’t Back Down

Also saw Won’t Back Down – which is hated by people for being an anti-union (teacher’s union) movie… and it kind of is except that one character does have the line, “you can be pro-union and still be critical” – in other words, things are not always black and white. Is it a good movie? Well, Maggie Gyllanhall sure stares at you all bug-eyed a lot… but seriously, it’s a watchable movie that, regardless of its politics, has a point of view and is about something more than people shooting at people or being just a fun genre flick. Parents sees a failing school, parent tries to fix it but the system is against her. I know some of the teacher FB friends here might not appreciate it… And, hey, the movie theater thought it knew its audience so they ran the trailer to Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged Part II (with a whole new cast).

Score: 80

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