Better Watch Out

Checked out another streaming rental (on iTunes) called Better Watch Out. It is advertised as a Christmas-based home invasion horror/suspense film and that’s more-or-less accurate… though the villain isn’t an Evil Santa as you might expect from the title. Like the recent Babysitter movie I watched, it’s a horror/comedy but less comedic and more focused on a twisted sense of humor and suspense.
It’s Christmas time and a boy who is slightly too old to need a babysitter is watched over by a girl slightly too cute to be his babysitter. He’s got a crush on her and thinks this is his chance… except she’s too busy arguing with her boyfriend to pay him any mind. Then the home invasion hits and the two have to figure out how to avoid the invaders and contact the outside world.
Too much more information would require spoilers that you’re better off not knowing. I will say the movie does skew from the home invasion formula in a significant and unique way around the half-way point.
Unfortunately the overall movie isn’t really compelling enough to bolster a 90 minute film and it ultimately drags a lot. It’s not a complete disaster and the twist and some of the humor does help the movie. But it’s certainly a lesser Halloween horror movie.
Score: 70

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