Planes: Fire and Rescue

Color me shocked but Planes: Fire & Rescue is not a terrible movie… given that I thought Planes was one of the worst movies I saw last year (and Cars 2 was pretty lousy too). This one is still too full of fart jokes and a lot of other lame humor and generic character drama but it manages some legit funny lines too, some marginally exciting firefighting and flight scenes, and it has the good grace of only being 70 minutes long. The overall story structure is generic but in that it’s (kinda randomly) about firefighting, that’s at least an original setting and managed to not be the super generic sports movie the last one was (ugh).

Head scratcher moment… the first fire fighting scene is set to the tune of AC/DC’s Thunderstruck… which is a pretty great use of the song. But it made me wonder if the whole band was made of intelligent cars and planes in this world… and do they rock? Did their lead singer die of drugs or alcohol? Does one wear English schoolboy clothes and does that mean cars inexplicably dress as English school boys when in school? Do talking cars and planes go to school? Did they sing the song and make the video for She Shook Me All Night Long? Did that video have sexy cars on exercise bikes? I need to know!!!

These movies refuse to answer my burning questions!!!

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