Self/Less is a new sci-fi/medical suspense film that posits an underground treatment that can transfer the mind of a rich person into the body of much younger, fitter person. It’s not an original premise and it’s not an original or particularly inventive or thoughtful movie, but it’s not bad. It’s reasonably decent middle-of-the-road flick that you might catch late at night some day and think, “well, that was alright”. You will then have forgotten about it in a few weeks. Poof.

The movie stars Ben Kingsley doing a terrible terrible Brooklyn accent for some reason. He’s a wealthy industrialist dying of cancer. He gets transferred into the lab-grown body of Ryan Reynolds… only WAS that body lab-grown? Dah-DAH-DAAAAAH! Answer in the trailer: no it wasn’t.

There’s a lot of room for philosophy and Philip K. Dick levels of mind and personality/ego f’ing in the premise that the flick is only vaguely interested in entertaining. Mainly it just wants to be a chase flick with shootouts and stand-offs. It’s not bad at that. It’s not bad at being a modest sci-fi/mad science movie.

Even if you do forget you’d seen it in a week or two.

Score: 76

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