Super Dark Times

Rented a new flick on iTunes called Super Dark Times… based on the 90s setting, the teen cast, and the “cover” art, it looked like it was inspired by Stranger Things. And it did have that authentic teen feel though it wasn’t a supernatural story. Not a bad movie and ultimately not a knock-off of the Netflix show at all.
It’s about four believably crude and aimless teenagers in the 90s as they go about their day, hanging out and doing nothing much important. Then they find one of their older brothers katana… and things get dark. Super dark, even. One is killed and the others have to live with the guilt, the grief, and the paranoia.
Well acted, believably acted, and with an overall story that goes a little further than I expected in the suspense and horror realm. It’s a curious and interesting movie that, yes, does get dark and violent. It’s a fair recommendation.
Score: 81

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